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S&S Activewear API

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POST - Orders

The orders API allows orders to be placed and get an immediate confirmation.

Resource URL:


Order Object Definition:

shippingAddress Object
customer String Customer Name (Default="")
attn String Attention Line (Default="")
address String Address Line
city String City
state String State
zip String Zip
residential Boolean Residential Address (Default=true)
shippingMethod String Select Shipping Method (Default="1")

1 = Ground (Carrier determined by S&S)
2 = Next Day Air
3 = 2nd Day Air
16 = 3 Day Select
6 = Will Call / PickUp
8 = Messenger Pickup / PickUp
54 = Misc Cheapest (S&S will pick the most cost effective ground between (USPS First Class, USPS Priority Mail, UPS Surepost, UPS Ground)
17 = UPS Next Day Air Early AM
21 = UPS Next Day Air Saver
19 = UPS Saturday
20 = UPS Saturday Early
22 = UPS 2nd Day Air AM
14 = FedEx Ground
27 = FedEx Next Day Standard
26 = FedEx Next Day Priority
40 = UPS Ground
48 = FedEx 2nd Day Air
shipBlind Boolean Ship Blind (Default=false)
poNumber String Customer PO Number (Default="")
emailConfirmation String Include a email address if you would like to receive a email confirmation. (Default="")
testOrder Boolean Test Orders will be created and cancelled (Default=false)
creditCard Object
cardNumber String Credit card number
expMonth String Credit card exp month (XX)
expYear String Credit card exp year (XXXX)
billingZipCode String Billing zip code of credit card
billingStreetNumber String Street number of billing address of credit card

*Including a credit card will automatically use the credit card for the order
**If your account is only set up for Credit Card terms, this is a required field
autoselectWarehouse Boolean If this is true, we will choose what warehouse we ship from. Each line may be split between multiple warehouses. The warehouseAbbr in the line detail will be ignored. (Default=false)
promotionCode String Promotion Code that applies to products on your order.
autoselectWarehouse_Warehouses String If you only want to order from selected warehouses, you can pass in a comma separated list of warehouseAbbr's to this field. Only warehouses contained in this list will be used. Example: "IL,KS" (Default="")
AutoSelectWarehouse_Preference String Equivalent of the Freight Optimizer selection at checkout. Options: “fewest” or ”fastest” (Default=”fewest”)
AutoSelectWarehouse_Fewest_MaxDIT Integer The maximum number of days in transit for “fewest”. If days in transit is higher, selection is switched to “fastest”. (Default = 2)
rejectLineErrors Boolean If false: we will place an order(s) for all items that we can. The response body will contain both a list of Orders and LineErrors instead of the default Orders. (Default=true)
rejectLineErrors_Email Boolean For line items that we can not fill, a email will be sentl to the "emailConfirmation" email address with the details. (Default=true)
lines List Of Object
warehouseAbbr String Determines what warehouse to ship from.
identifier String SkuID, Sku, Gtin
qty Integer Qty to order
*Bold items are required

Extended Description:

The Content-Type header field must be set to application/json or application/xml.

Example Request:



  "shippingAddress":  {
    "customer": "Company ABC",
    "attn": "John Doe",
    "address": "123 Main St",
    "city": "Bollingbrook",
    "state": "IL",
    "zip": "60440",
    "residential": true
  "shippingMethod": "1",
  "shipBlind": false,
  "poNumber": "Test",
  "emailConfirmation": "",
  "testOrder": false,
  "autoselectWarehouse": true, 
  "lines":  [
      "identifier": "B00760003",
      "qty": 2


Response is the same as a GET Orders response
*If you pass in products from multiple warehouses, you will get multiple order responses.
Note: If you receive a 404 Bad Request response, please validate your json request at:
    "guid": "f6c52835-a2b6-4bc7-a46c-a1e57b27006e",
    "orderNumber": "4706532",
    "invoiceNumber": "",
    "poNumber": "Test",
    "customerNumber": "00002",
    "orderDate": "2014-07-17T17:24:09.223",
    "orderType": "EDI",
    "terms": "Net 30",
    "orderStatus": "In Progress",
    "dropship": false,
    "shippingCarrier": "UPS",
    "shippingMethod": "Ground",
    "shipBlind": false,
    "shippingCollectNumber": "",
    "shippingAddress":  {
      "customer": "Company ABC",
      "attn": "John Doe",
      "address": "123 Main St",
      "city": "Bollingbrook",
      "state": "IL",
      "zip": "60440"
    "subtotal": 3.1,
    "shipping": 0,
    "cod": 0,
    "tax": 0,
    "lostCashDiscount": 0,
    "smallOrderFee": 0,
    "cuponDiscount": 0,
    "sampleDiscount": 0,
    "setUpFee": 0,
    "restockFee": 0,
    "debitCredit": 0,
    "total": 3.1,
    "totalPieces": 0,
    "totalLines": 1,
    "totalWeight": 0.77,
    "totalBoxes": 1,
    "lines":  [
        "lineNumber": 1,
        "type": "S",
        "skuID": 2345,
        "sku": "B00760003",
        "gtin": "00821780003735",
        "yourSku": "",
        "qtyOrdered": 2,
        "price": 1.55,
        "brandName": "Gildan",
        "styleName": "2000",
        "title": "Ultra Cotton™ T-Shirt",
        "colorName": "White",
        "sizeName": "S"