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Password = API Key

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S&S Activewear API

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GET - Orders

The orders API gives information about previous and pending orders.

Resource URL:


Request Options:

Get All Open /v2/orders/ Returns all orders that have not been invoiced.
Get All Open and Invoiced (Last 3 months /v2/orders/?All=True Returns all orders that have been placed in last 3 months.
Filter Results /v2/orders/{order} /v2/orders/PO,123456 Returns specs matching filter condition

{order} = is a comma separated list of order identifiers
identifiers = PONumber, OrderNumber, InvoiceNumber, GUID
Filter Results By Invoice Date /v2/orders/?invoicedate={invoicedate} /v2/orders/?invoicedate=2014-06-18 /v2/orders/?invoicedate=2014-06-18,2014-06-19 Returns specs matching filter condition

{invoicedate} = is a date (fromat = yyyy-MM-dd)
Filter Fields /v2/orders/?fields={fields} /v2/orders/?invoicedate=2014-06-18&fields=InvoiceNumber,OrderNumber,TrackingNumber,Total Returns only the fields that you request

{fields} = is a comma separated list of style object fields
Include Lines /v2/orders/?lines=true Returns the order lines for each order.
Include Boxes /v2/orders/?Boxes=true Returns the order Boxes for each order.
Response Format /v2/orders/?mediatype={mediatype} /v2/orders/?mediatype=json Determines the response type

{mediatype} = json or xml (Default=json)

Example Request:



    "guid": "e66b7667-868f-4ae0-b605-2f45fbd288c0",
    "orderNumber": "4629304",
    "invoiceNumber": "907070",
    "poNumber": "Jim B",
    "customerNumber": "00002",
    "orderDate": "2014-06-18T10:59:06.43",
    "shipDate": "2014-06-18T14:15:31.613",
    "invoiceDate": "2014-06-18T00:00:00",
    "orderType": "CSR",
    "terms": "Credit Card",
    "orderStatus": "Shipped",
    "dropship": false,
    "shippingCarrier": "UPS",
    "shippingMethod": "Ground",
    "shipBlind": false,
    "shippingCollectNumber": "",
    "trackingNumber": "1ZE9W0610315091599",
    "shippingAddress":  {
      "customer": "Timesaver",
      "attn": "Jim Beale",
      "address": "W8020 W Clay School Rd",
      "city": "Merrillan",
      "state": "WI",
      "zip": "54754"
    "subtotal": 144.38,
    "shipping": 0,
    "cod": 0,
    "tax": 0,
    "lostCashDiscount": 0,
    "smallOrderFee": 0,
    "cuponDiscount": 0,
    "sampleDiscount": 0,
    "setUpFee": 0,
    "restockFee": 0,
    "debitCredit": 0,
    "total": 144.38,
    "totalPieces": 30,
    "totalLines": 18,
    "totalWeight": 17.35,
    "totalBoxes": 1

Order Object Definition:

guid String Unique ID for this order (does not change)
companyName String Company name
warehouseAbbr String Options:
  • IL = Chicago, IL
  • CA = Santa Fe Springs, CA
  • NJ = Robbinsville, NJ
  • KS = Olathe, KS
  • GA = McDonough, GA
  • TX = Fort Worth, TX
  • DS = Dropship
orderNumber String The order and confirmation number assigned when orders are placed.
invoice Number String The invoice number is assigned shortly after you place your order.
poNumber String The PO number submitted with the order.
customerNumber String Customer number of account.
orderDate DateTime Date order was placed. Example: 2014-06-12T09:41:17.837 (ISO 8601)
shipDate DateTime Date order was shipped. Example: 2014-06-12T09:41:17.837 (ISO 8601)
*Will not be available untill the order has shipped.
invoiceDate DateTime Date order was Invoiced. Example: 2014-06-12T00:00:00.000 (ISO 8601)
*Will not be available untill the order is invoiced.
orderType String How the order was placed. (Options: CSR, Web, EDI, Credit)
terms String Terms of the order.
orderStatus String Status of order. (Options: InProgress, Shipped, Completed, Canceled)
dropship Boolean If the order is a dropship order.
shippingCarrier String Carrier used.
shippingMethod String Freight service Used
shipBlind Boolean Determines if the order has blind shipping.
shippingCollectNumber String Freight account that was charged
trackingNumber String TrackingNumber if available.
*Will not be available until the order has shipped.
shippingAddress Object
customer String Customer Name
attn String Attention Line
address String Address Line
city String City
state String State
zip String Zip
subtotal Decimal Merchandise value of the order.
shipping Decimal Shipping and handling charged
cod Decimal COD amount
tax Decimal Tax charged
lostCashDiscount Decimal Lost Cash Discount amount
smallOrderFee Decimal Small Order Fee
cuponDiscount Decimal Misc discount (not used)
sampleDiscount Decimal Sample Discount
setUpFee Decimal Set Up Fee
restockFee Decimal Restock Fee
debitCredit Decimal Debit/Credit
total Decimal Total order amount
totalPieces Integer Total pieces on order
totalLines Integer Total lines on order
totalWeight Decimal Total weight of order
totalBoxes Decimal Total boxes on the order
deliveryStatus String Orders Current Delivery Status. (Options: Picked Up, Shipped, Shipped - Delivered, Shipped - Exception, Shipped - Expired, Shipped - In Transit, Shipped - Out For Delivery, Shipped - Pending, Shipped - Unknown.)
lines List Of Object
lineNumber Integer Line Number of the order
type String S = Stocked Skus, NS = Not Stocked Skus
skuID Integer Unique ID for this sku (Will never change)
sku String Part Number for product
gtin String Industry standard identifier used by all suppliers.
yourSku String YourSku has been set up using the CrossRef API.
qtyOrdered Integer Qty ordered
qtyShipped Integer Qty shipped
price Decimal Price of each item
brandName String Brand name
styleName String Style Name
title String Description of product
colorName String Color name
sizeName String Size Name
returnable Boolean This product is eligible for return.