API Authentication:

UserName = Account Number

Password = API Key

Don't have an API key?

Email for your Key


S&S Activewear API

UserName = Account Number, Password = API Key

Don't have an API Key? Email for your Key.

Welcome to our API.

This website can be used to explore all the data available through the API. The API also has the ability to extract specific data that is requested.

How to use:

Examples of each request can be viewed by clicking on the link in the top navigation.

  • Resource URL: Gives the base url to use
  • Request Options: Shows all the options you can pass in
  • Request Example: Shows a complete Request and Response
  • Object Definition: Explains all the fields requested


Please review our code examples.

Usage restrictions:

Requests are limited to 60 per minute. The response header X-Rate-Limit-Remaining tells you how many you have left.