API Authentication:

UserName = Account Number

Password = API Key

Don't have an API key?

Email for your Key


S&S Activewear API

UserName = Account Number, Password = API Key

Don't have an API Key? Email for your Key.


Below are examples of error codes and a general idea of what to do to try to fix them.

Errors Examples

Code: 400

This means that part of your request had an issue. The Errors field contains a list of all the issues that occurred with notes on how to fix them.
  "code": "400",
  "message": "Bad Request.",
  "errors":  [
      "field": "Header",
      "message": "You must set the Content-Type header when doing this request.  Options are application/json or application/xml."

Code: 500

Something went wrong on our end and we could not process the request.
  "code": "500",
  "message": "An unhandled exception was thrown by Customer Web API controller." 

Code: 404

This tells you that the base resource URL is wrong.
  "message": "No HTTP resource was found that matches the request URI ''.",
  "messageDetail": "No type was found that matches the controller named 'orders'."