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Password = API Key

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S&S Activewear API

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GET - CrossRef

The CrossRef API allows visibility to what skus you have mapped to "Your Sku".

Resource URL:


Request Options:

Get All /v2/crossref/ Returns all Cross References
Filter Results /v2/crossref/{yoursku} /v2/crossref/TestPartNumber Returns CrossReferences matching filter condition

{yoursku} = is a comma separated list of Cross Reference identifiers
Filter Fields /v2/crossref/?fields={fields} /v2/crossref/TestPartNumber?fields=YourSku,BrandName,StyleName,ColorNameSizeName Returns only the fields that you request

{fields} = is a comma separated list of style object fields
Response Format /v2/crossref/?mediatype={mediatype} /v2/crossref/?mediatype=json Determines the response type

{mediatype} = json or xml (Default=json)

Example Request:



    "yourSku": "G2000whtxl",
    "skuID": 2345,
    "sku": "B00760003",
    "gtin": "00821780003735",
    "brandName": "Gildan",
    "styleName": "2000",
    "colorName": "White",
    "sizeName": "S"

CrossRef Object Definition:

yourSku String Your Sku Number
skuID Integer Unique ID for this sku (does not change)
sku String Our sku number
gtin String Industry standard identifier used by all suppliers.
brandName String The brand that makes this style.
styleName String The style's name. Style names are unique within a brand.
colorName String The color of this product.
sizeName String Size name that the style belongs to.